Human Resources

You already know.


The work/life issues facing professional working mothers in your workplace have never been more complex or urgent. Your leadership and the support of management is the only way forward.


What do they need? Flexible work options, workplace flexibility, robust and comprehensive benefits, caregiving supports, and solutions that address and target their fast-changing work/life needs.

What do you need? Recruitment strategies, employee assessments, engagement communications, and retention efforts to help keep professional working mothers and fathers working.

Family-friendly workplaces recognize that working parents, especially mothers, need to know that their contributions to your company or organization and their commitment to their children and families are respected and valued. Having to choose between their job, their children, and their caregiving responsibilities is a choice no working mother (or father) should have to make.

I can help sort through it all and focus on workable solutions.


You'll talk. I'll listen.


You'll complete and we'll discuss the brief Work/Life Benefits Audit to evaluate what benefits and supports you're currently offering vs. options to consider.

You'll share what you're hearing, or not hearing, from your employees about their work/life "pain points."

We'll begin to uncover the obstacles you're facing...

senior leadership or management resistance, lack of awareness/training, equity issues, staff limitations, budgetary constraints or otherwise.

We'll discuss your company culture, existing programs, services & supports, and determine where we can integrate cost-effective changes and solutions.

Working caregivers, particularly mothers, are speaking with their feet. They need to know you're listening.

What would some immediate steps look like?

10 Question Employee Work/Life Assessment


Benefits Review & Evaluation


"Talking Points" Management Listening Sessions

Facilitated Employee Resource Groups (virtual)

Workshops. Webinars. Discussion Groups.
Managers. Mothers. Fathers. Caregivers.
Millennials to Boomers.

Diversity & Equity Through a Work/Life Lens

Working Mothers: Careers. Children. Conflicts.


For professional mothers, balance is unattainable.
It's all about integrating work,
They need your support to achieve it.
No matter how you proceed,
solutions need to meet three criteria to be successful:

     They must be visible

They must be cost-effective

They must be measurable

And they need decision-makers to listen and recognize the direct line between

work/life integration as a top business mandate and meeting the diverse needs of working mothers.

I'll pull up a chair and listen.
One conversation could change everything.