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Recruiting, retaining, and supporting working mothers/women and fathers requires a family-friendly culture.  One that provides a range of benefits, services, programs, and supports to address their diverse needs.

Did you know that the most important issue for working parents is work/life integration?  Many are searching for cultures, environments and management that understand and embrace these needs or are leaving the workplace entirely.


Professional working parents face chronic and crisis work/life struggles, often facing and making difficult choices impacting their careers, families, finances, and health while stretching their time and resources thin.

Did you know that paid family leave, workplace flexibility, and robust and targeted benefits addressing their diverse

caregiving needs are what enables companies and organizations to achieve “best company” status?

Together, we'll explore and address your business climate and workforce, using information-gathering, meaningful discussions, and targeted strategies to help keep your working parents working and your bottom-line healthy.

Your time is limited.  You need to understand their "pain points."  You want solutions and results.


A few scenarios:

Engagement and productivity are down and have been for some time.


Working mothers are not returning to work after parental leave or are struggling with reintegration.


Workplace flexibility policies exist, yet managers are reluctant or refusing to implement them.

Working mothers are experiencing hidden bias related to pregnancy, parenthood, and careers.

Existing vacation & leave policies are failing to meet the continuum of parenting and caregiving needs.


Utilization of existing benefits is lackluster despite an array of demographic-specific offerings.


 It may be time to engage a specialist to audit, discuss, strategize, and support you and your workplace. 

 Here are some of the ways I can help you:

Conduct information-gathering sessions with management, HR, and employees

Implement confidential employee surveys, focus groups, and interviews

Utilize a work/life audit(sm) and family-friendly organizational assessments

Benchmark family-friendly companies related to existing policies and programs

Create employee profiles to understand and address generational needs and hidden bias

Provide management coaching on flexible work options and remote work arrangements

Develop and facilitate Employee Resource Groups for parents and women

Conduct workshops, training programs, and online discussion groups for working parents

Provide employee coaching on key "transition points" - returning to the workplace after leave, adapting to      new parenthood, raising a child with special needs, exceptional caregiving


About Me

Few things matter more than helping employees continue with their careers after they become parents. 

It matters for their companies and organizations, their families, their children, and yes...themselves. 

As a Work/life integration consultant, advisor and coach to management and professional working parents, my approach brings broad and deep expertise in organizational culture, human resources, employee benefits & relations, and communications to the workplace, focusing on an essential segment of the workforce - working mothers and fathers. 

As a former Director of Human Resources at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC, Managing Director at Work/Family Management, and consultant to Fortune 100 companies to mid-sized businesses, it all begins by listening and learning to understand the issues and needs. 


Appreciative of recognition for innovative work/life programming upon receiving the WorldatWork Alliance for Work-Life Progress award.  Have addressed conferences including the Working Mother WorkBeyond Summit (2018) and Work Life Congress (2016), and have trained and addressed companies, meetings, and groups.

Let's start where you are in the process -- evaluating how to implement work/life programming, expanding services, supporting managers, or partnering with working parents. 


It would be my pleasure to help you support the diverse needs of working mothers and fathers and to help your workplace reach "best company" status.




"Debra was a passionate presenter and engaged the entire room throughout her talk."

—  Attendee, Working Mother WorkBeyond Summit

A few more things...


From our initial conversation, our work together will begin where you are in the process, whether we collaborate for one consultation or ongoing, virtually or on-site.  A confidentiality agreement will be provided as well.


Permission will be granted only by you for discussions with members of your child's school-based team, independent clinicians, or others.


Documents may only be submitted if a Document Review process is requested and conducted. 


Your initial, 30-minute telephone consultation is at no cost, scheduled at your convenience.  Daytime, evening, or weekends.


I look forward to speaking with you.