Your family.
Your work.
Your wellbeing.
Few things matter more.

For professional mothers, life revolves around three things. Children. Career. Choices.

And today's choices are more complex than ever.

Let's bring clarity to the confusion.


Adapted from Aaron De Smet at McKinley...

If there are 5 professional mothers sitting on a bench and one decides to jump off, how many are left? The answer is 5 because "deciding" to do something and actually doing it are two different things.

You may be considering or planning to make the choice to leave your career, position, company, or the workforce entirely.

If this describes your life right now, let's talk.

Professional working mothers are making it clear...something has to change. 

If you are making the choice to leave behind what you've worked so hard to achieve, I can help.

There is a path forward.

Over 5.4 million women have left

the workforce or

lost jobs

since 2020.


For business leaders and professional mothers,
the status quo is no longer.

You know the challenges.


Why I Can Help You

Work/life integration. Working mothers. Flexible work. Family-aligned benefits. Caregivers in the workplace. Exceptional caregiving. Parenting bias. Diversity.


For almost 30 years, I have consulted, advised, counseled, spoken and written about these issues, having the benefit of the "long view" of the issues facing professional mothers today.

I understand the issues well.

Professionally, Founder/CEO of Education Navigation, a nationally-recognized employee benefits firm. Prior to this, Founder/CEO of Work Family Management, a work/life consulting firm and Professional Mothers, the first-of-its-kind job-matching services for high-calibre mothers seeking flexible work options. And, a former

HR Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers as well.

Personally, I faced and lived  "the choice" - career or motherhood, chosing the latter. As a single parent and raising a neurodiverse child, I know the complex choices you may be facing and the life implications involved.

First, I'll pull up a chair and listen. You need a safe and supportive person to give you an opportunity to share, vent, and tell your story.


Then, we'll get to work.








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