Being a parent defines me. 

It was from the moment I gazed into my son’s eyes and remains this way today. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Parenting as a working mother isn’t for the faint of heart nor does it come without sacrifices. You rise when life is running smoothly and fall hard when it's not.


My life required herculean effort to manage continuous conflicts from all directions. The juggling act took a toll on every aspect of my work, family and personal life and something had to change.

It did, but only after leaving the 9-5 behind and forging ahead on

a path where flexibility and my ability to adapt to changing needs

was front and center.


For over two decades, addressing the disconnect and inequities between parenting and the business arena has been my focus.


And this was long before work/life integration was recognized

as a pivotal business mandate, intensifying even further since

the pandemic. I knew that there had to be solutions to the impossible choices being faced by working mothers and fathers. And there are.

Maybe you're facing a similar situation and decision. Or perhaps you've made the choice and are struggling with what's next. 

Maybe you're a business leader seeing an exodus of working mothers from your workplace in numbers never seen before. Or maybe you thought you've addressed the key issues, yet women are continuing to leave.

Helping working mothers and the companies that employ them

is my priority. And while we've made progress, we can and must do better. I can help show you how.

Let's talk about it.
Whatever the issues may be.
Your individual situation. What your company is facing.
I'll pull up a chair and listen. Then we'll figure out next steps.