rofessional Mothers

What's keeping you up at night?

Returning to the office full-time or the inability to secure a flexible work schedule?

Childcare or caregiving issues that ebb and flow between chronic and crisis?

Hidden bias or limited workplace opportunities?

If the "struggle to juggle" work & family responsibilities has reached a tipping point, I can help you.



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A private group for Professional Mothers focusing on everything related to work/life integration. Flexible work options. Parental leave. Caregiving. And more.

Advising, Coaching & Mentoring

We'll start with a brief, confidential telephone conversation to discuss your pressing work/life issues and concerns and determine our next steps.


What: You'll complete a Work/Life Self-Assessment to clearly see what's keeping you up at night. There are often multiple areas where conflicting responsibilities exist.

How: We'll schedule a 90-minute, virtual discussion to focus on your pressing "pain points," addressing the issues and developing a roadmap framework for strategies and solutions. 


What: We'll develop clear actionable goals, steps and timelines to address your most pressing, identified work/life issues.

How: We'll schedule three (3), 60-minute virtual discussions to measure and monitor progress, discuss obstacles, determine skills gaps, and evaluate changes you're implementing at work and home. Includes e-mail communication between sessions as needed.                           



What: We'll dedicate time to focus on flexible work options, parenting, caregiving, your children and school...the most pressing issues and will develop a micro and macro plan with actionable steps. Includes two, post-intensive follow-up e-mail and telephone communications.



What. Once-per-month, 60-minute private facilitated online discussion group to discuss everything work/life. Robust, confidential conversations about what's working/what's not. Strategies for workplace/manager discussions. Articles, resources, guidance and support while engaging with other working mothers facing similar challenges.



Workplace Negotiation Skills

Virtual training sessions to develop and strengthen your negotiation skills whether in the workplace, advocating for your child, or any situation where these skills matter.

Group size limited to 10 participants.

You'll talk. I'll listen. We'll discuss.
Confidentiality, collaboration, and your comfort are paramount.

How can I help you.

I'll pull up a chair.
One conversation can change everything.