Human Resources

Retention. Resignations. Turnover.

Business issues and priorities for years that have intensified since the start of the 2020 pandemic.

Working mothers are leaving the workforce in record numbers.

Their inability to secure workplace flexibility, robust and targeted benefits, and caregiving supports has led to close to 4 million leaving the workforce since early 2020 and far more are in the pipeline. The talent drain and impact on companies have been enormous.

Maybe you've increased salaries, added benefits, or started a targeted employee resource group. All positive steps, yet with many employers telling employees it's time to return to the office full-time or limiting flexible work options, many more working mothers are either planning or deciding to leave your company. You just don't know it yet.

Workplaces with supportive managers who recognize the value that working mothers bring to your company also know that facing "the choice" between their job, their children, and their caregiving responsibilities is a choice no mother should have to make. There are other ways.

Understanding the realities is the most important step toward developing strategies and solutions that meet your needs while targeting and addressing their needs through their complex life stages and lifecycles.

I can help you clarify the issues and develop ways to turn resignations into retention.

The Road To Reality Program

Help keep working mothers working and stem the tide of resignations and exit interviews.

C2 Pulse Survey

Learn the realities of your Culture and Climate through the eyes of working mothers/caregivers.

Stay Interviews/Discussions

Learn the realities of why working mothers joined and have remained with your company.

Learning Programs

Learn the realities of the working mother continuum, exceptional caregiving issues, and work/life integration through a diversity and belonging lens.

And...conversations with leadership, HR and those with insights into what's working/what's not when it comes to supporting working mothers/caregivers.

Management resistance to instituting flexible work options. Lack of issues awareness. Misaligned benefits. Staffing limitations. Budgetary constraints. The business realities are real and so, too, are the needs of these employees who are expressing their needs through increasing numbers of exit interviews.

A willingness to ask, listen and act upon their realities... what will help stem the tide of resignations.

The Road To Reality℠ Program


Culture & Climate Pulse Survey


Stay Interviews & Discussions



Learning Programs


Keeping Working

Mothers Working

One $75K salary = 30-100+% added costs to replace, onboard & support

One resignation = morale, productivity, and other workforce disruptions


A culture and climate rooted in flexibility, empathy, and support are what will help keep working mothers at work in your company.
Leaders set the pace & tone, yet managers are key.
Show you recognize their work/life needs. Retention will follow.
To be successful and impactful, solutions to retain working mothers must meet three criteria.

     They must be visible

They must be cost-effective

They must be measurable

Listening, learning and leading with new understanding is the direct line between

work/life integration as a top business mandate and meeting the diverse needs of working mothers.