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Employer. CHRO. Benefits. ERG Facilitator.

Business mandates today focus on work/life integration and supporting working parents and caregivers in the workplace.


This includes understanding the complex caregiving needs facing employees with "exceptional caregiving" responsibilities that often revolve around raising neurodiverse children, teens, and young adults.


Education, coaching, and robust benefits help address these complex and fast-changing employee needs, demonstrating company awareness and support which translates into increased retention and company loyalty.

These 60-minute learning sessions speak directly to employees, managers, and leadership on a number of pressing and timely issues.

My Promise:

I will educate your employees on the key issues and realities.

I will bring stories and real-life experiences into the conversation.

I will help managers understand the complexities of these caregiving responsibilities.

I will ensure that attendees leave with information, recognizing the commitment your company has made to supporting their complex and ongoing caregiving needs.


    The Work/Life Realities of Exceptional Caregivers in the Workplace

    ◆ From Autism to Alzheimers: The Working Caregiver Continuum

    ◆ Let's Talk Workplace Flexibility: The Key To Working Parent Retention

    The Education Equation: Working Parents & Neurodiverse Children

    ◆ Work, Family & School - Competing Needs, Schedules & Demands

It begins with a 30-minute call to see how I can help you - 

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