Women Work & Are Mothers Too

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Women who work outside of the home and are mothers as well understand the challenges of striving to be a good employee and a good parent. And while companies are beginning to understand this, there is still a long way to go.

Women are more than 50% of the workforce.  There are some areas where companies are listening and responding -- wage equality, paid family leave, and the push for more women in leadership positions.  Yet there are many women facing choices resulting in them either leaving the workforce or finding themselves unable to return to their careers after time away to raise their children.

Many working women are having to choose between their careers/jobs and being a parent. Many are unable to secure flexible work arrangements or paid leave. Many face overt or hidden bias about their dual roles, finding long hours and inflexible schedules creating enormous difficulties.

I often wonder...

Do companies think that motherhood means that education and experience become an afterthought and that parenting makes working mothers less loyal or committed to their careers and work?

Do managers stop to think about the conflicts working mothers face when their child's needs must come before a business meeting?

There are initiatives and programs to help working mothers return to the workplace. Companies are starting to recognize that a gap in a resume does not mean well-honed skills and expertise disappears. They want to both retain working mothers and provide a path for them to return.

For those companies embracing working mothers vs. expecting an explanation for their choices, you're setting the pace for those who aren't quite there yet. It requires understanding that life decisions need to be respected and supported, especially when it involves raising a family. And for those companies yet to recognize the opportunities or for those thinking parenting is only a woman's issue, read on...

Helping working mothers - and fathers - remain in or return to the workplace is simply smart business, and it's done by establishing a culture of acceptance and flexibility along with robust work/life programs, services, and supports that address actual 'pain points', showing vs. saying that working while raising children are life choices of equal value and importance.


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