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The Road to Reality 

Let's keep working mothers working


Companies are at an inflection point.

The world of work has changed significantly and in ways few could have imagined.

From remote work to the increasing demand for workplace flexibility, 2020 began to see employees evaluating and recalibrating their lives like never before. And this is particularly true for working mothers/caregivers.

Work/life issues are now top of mind and so are options including resignations.


Returnships are a way to bring them back. What if we can retain them instead.


The Road To Reality


Define and clarify the issues facing working mothers/caregivers

in the workplace


Bring clarity to discussions about why working mothers are remaining with your company


Educate and empower leadership and managers with knowledge, understanding & strategies


Replace resignations with retention to lower turnover costs & overall organizational impact.

An estimated 3.5 million working mothers have left the workforce since early 2020.

More are considering or planning the same.

Let's slow down the talent drain.



C2 Pulse Survey

A quick look at your culture and climate from the perspective of working mothers through brief and confidential questions targeting key work/life issues and how your company is currently addressing and responding to these needs.

Takeaways: Learn the realities of your company’s climate and culture through the eyes of working mothers. How is leadership and management addressing their diverse needs. Is there truly a family-friendly and supportive work environment. What changes are needed to ensure the climate is responding to actual vs. assumed needs.



Stay Interviews/Discussions

Facilitated, confidential and objective individual or small group discussions with working mothers targeting 3 key areas about their jobs and your company.

Takeaways: Learn the realities of why working mothers are staying with your company. What factors, including salaries & benefits, are contributing to their retention, are they sharing their work/life issues, and what else may be needed to help them remain.



Learning Programs

60-minute virtual/90-minute on-site sessions include...


A Day In The Life...The Working Mother Work/Life Continuum

From Autism to Alzheimer’s: Exceptional Caregiving & The Workplace© 

The Language of Caregiving: What Managers Need To Know

The Education Equation: Working Parents & Neurodiverse Children

Diversity & Belonging Through A Work/life Lens

Takeaways: Learn the issues, needs, and realities from "chronic to crisis" facing working mothers/caregivers at all ages and stages. The challenges facing employees with “sandwich” or exceptional caregiving responsibilities. The issues that factor into supporting working mothers as a vital component of DEIB strategies and initiatives.

In a Meeting


By listening, learning, and leading with clarity, working mothers/caregivers will know you recognize their their integral role in your company and are striving to support their diverse work/life needs.

Their retention requires a laser focus on three core factors:

 Reframe the issues facing working mothers in today's workplace

 Remain open to understanding the needs and complexities

 Retrain to learn their realities to support their needs

Let's discuss whether a targeted pulse survey, stay interviews/discussions, and/or learning programs will best meet your needs.


   The realities...


The cost of replacing one professional working mother earning $75K/year includes their salary plus additional costs between 30-100+% of their salary in recruiting, onboarding, training, and engagement costs.


The impact of a single resignation on the company, colleagues, clients, culture, and climate occurs through reduced morale, productivity issues, increased workloads, engagement challenges and other resignations that often follow.

Debra Isaacs Schafer

30 years of experience in work/life integration, workplace flexibility, supporting working mothers and caregivers, and understanding the connection between organizational culture and employee retention.

Director, Human Resources, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC

Founder/CEO, Education Navigation, LLC

Founder/CEO, Work/Family Management, Ltd. and Professional Mothers

Consultant. Advisor. Strategist. Advocate. Speaker.

Retaining working mothers is a top business priority and your investment in supporting their needs matters. For you, them, their children & families, and the continued success of your company.

Let's take 20 minutes to see how I can help you with their retention.