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Initial Triage Consultation

Your questions need answers, often immediately either because of a crisis situation or chronic situations with your child in school, impacting your household, family, and lives.


Neurodivergent children are complex and so are their needs in school, requiring your time and attention to navigate the issues and demands.


An initial, 45-minute triage consultation will provide recommendations to help you address the issues. Maybe it's a recent evaluation report, increasing calls or e-mails from school, or behavioral issues emerging. No matter the situation, we'll discuss it and at the end of our consultation, you will have immediate recommendations and steps to move forward.

Remember...special education goes beyond academics to include, address, and support social, behavioral, functional, and developmental skills as well. Let's determine what steps you can take now.

You'll save time. You'll be prepared for your next discussion or school meeting. And a bit of clarity will replace the confusion and chaos



My Promise:

This initial consultation will provide answers to some of your questions along with options and actionable steps to consider.

Special Education Comprehensive


This comprehensive begins with a review of your child's educational documents -- school district Evaluation Reports, IEPs, recent independent evaluations, IEP progress reports, and any other current documents.


A two-hour, in-depth consultation will follow to discuss these documents in detail including your child's IEP goals, the benefit of securing independent evaluations and when they may be needed, plan for your upcoming or next IEP meeting, discuss transition planning, and more.

After this consultation, a written recap of findings and recommendations will be provided for your reference and future use.

How this comprehensive will help you:

  • You'll learn how to decipher evaluation report data and why it matters.

  • You'll understand how to correlate data to IEP goals, modifications, and accommodations.

  • You'll know how to document issues and make changes to your child's educational program and plan.

  • You'll save time navigating school issues with greater outcomess.


This comprehensive will provide you with clarity, answers, steps, and the ability to collaborate with school in discussions and meetings with competence moving forward.




My Promise:

Image by Alexander Grey

This comprehensive will enable you to understand the data and narratives in evaluation reports and how to correlate them to the development of your child's IEP goals, accommodations, modifications, placement, and beyond.

You'll know what's appropriate, what's not, and where changes are needed or recommended and have the clarity you need to more effectively advocate for your child's needs in school...immediately and moving forward.

Advising/Coaching Sessions

What do to. How to do it. When to do it. Who to speak to. All issues that factor into your ongoing parent advocacy efforts for your child in school.

Coaching will help you prioritize the issues, evaluate options, and ensure your concerns and questions are heard as you engage with school so you receive the information and answers you need.

Calls from school. Last-minute IEP meetings. Behavioral issues. Removal from the classroom. Social issues. School refusal or avoidance. Challenges with work completion. Grades plummeting. The issues are individualized to your child and so must be the solutions.

Creating a strategy and tactics to take control over navigating school and special education while reducing the time and effort you're spending in the process...this will be our focus.

Your child will continue to grow and change as they move through school and the issues and needs may as well. Coaching will provide you with the guidance and answers you need, reducing your concerns and uncertainty and empowering you as your child's parent advocate.

My Promise:

I will listen, ask questions, offer recommendations, and help you evaluate your options, choices, and steps in our discussions.

I will offer advise from a place of experience and knowledge to help you navigate the complexities of your child's life today - and your own - to create new and more productive ways to move forward.


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