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"The Road To Reality" coaching focuses on your child's special education journey while supporting your work/life and caregiving realities as well. Whether you're new to special education or a "veteran parent" to the process, the status quo will be replaced with clarity and forward progress.

The ebb and flow of school and life struggles that define raising a neurodivergent child, teen, or young adult creates enormous confusion and uncertainty in addressing their needs as well as yours. It impacts every area of life from your job and family to your finances and mental health.

Learning what you need to know and how to proceed will result in measurable changes, strengthening your ability to effectively advocate for your child while bringing calm to the chaos. You don't have to do it alone.


My Promise:


I will meet you where you are in the special education process.

I will teach, coach, and guide you to increase your advocacy competence and confidence.

I will help ensure that situations requiring immediate changes and/or intervention are addressed.

I will listen to you, ask many questions, and support your needs that come with being a working parent raising a neurodiverse child. I understand the herculean job you're doing to understand and support your child while juggling your caregiving, family, and work responsibilities that far too often create conflicts and additional needs..

An experienced and highly-skilled partner working with you will change the path you've been walking. The "oxygen mask" analogy about securing support for you before helping your child and family applies. Starting with one, 75-minute consultation, you will learn more and receive more support than you may expect. Things can and will change for the better.

I will get you where you need to be.

It begins with 15 minutes to see how I can help you - 

IEP Meeting Participation/Advocacy

Confusion. Apprehension. Worry. Dread.

Words used to describe your child's IEP meetings.

You often leave with more questions than when you arrived, frequently feeling unheard, uncertain, and vulnerable as well.


You often face issues and decisions that require you to understand the process, people, and parameters of these meetings and documents while maintaining a firm understanding of your child's needs...and yours.

No longer.

My Promise:

Bird's Eye View Meeting Table

I will have a comprehensive understanding of your child and their needs.


I will support you as you negotiate the issues and navigate through these meetings.

I will speak and question with and for you to secure the information and answers you need.

I will collaborate with your IEP team as we review evaluation reports, IEPs, placement, transition, and beyond, challenging assumptions and conclusions as needed.

IEP meeting participation will provide you with a knowledgeable, competent, and objective voice with extensive experience navigating the IEP process to change things significantly for you and your child.

I will get you where you need to be.

It begins with 15 minutes to see how I can help you - 

*Please note - IEP meeting participation requires the Special Education Comprehensive program.

Special Education Comprehensive

Special education is complex and so is your child.
If they're struggling in school, you're struggling too.
Work and family hours are being spent trying to navigate ongoing school issues.

Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated often accompanies the special education arena while your child's individual needs continue or intensify.

My Promise:

I will teach you what you need to know.

I will help make sense of the processes, procedures, players, acronyms, documents, steps, and conclusions.

I will show you how to advocate for the services and supports your child needs.


I will provide you with information, answers to your questions, strategies that work, and steps to increase your competence and confidence to help your child succeed in school.

This program is a comprehensive, in-depth review of your child, all education documents including independent evaluation reports, discussion of their educational history and current path, and written post-review conclusions and recommendations for next steps. You will understand your child, school, how the pieces fit together, and that your vital role as their informed parent advocate is key to helping them realize success moving forward.

I will get you where you need to be.

It begins with 15 minutes to see how I can help you - 

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