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Coaching is where you and your life are the focus. For working mothers and fathers raising a neurodivergent child, your child's complex needs impact virtually all aspects of life. And with school being their job, we need to ensure they are receiving the services and supports they need in order for measurable and sustained progress to occur.

From understanding your child's diagnosis and interpreting evaluation report data, to navigating school meetings and addressing new issues that emerge, these needs often create confusion and uncertainty along  with conflicting work/life demands. The stressors are real, making daily life overwhelming. Our work together will be about prioritizing and focusing on the immediate issues at school, work, and home to make your path easier to walk.

You'll save time. You'll integrate new learning into your toolbox. You'll learn ways to engage in productive discussions in school, at work, and at home. While the ebb and flow of chronic and crisis issues continues, you'll develop greater ability to strategize, develop solutions, and take a breath as well.

There is uncertainty and worry associated with raising a complex child while trying to determine how and if you can maintain your career and current job. Or if other options need to be carefully explored. Every day brings with it new challenges along with demands and constraints on your time.

Together we'll address immediate issues regarding your child, always the priority, along with teaching you what you need to know to strengthen your ability to advocate for your child in school and for yourself at work. It's about finding calm amidst the chaos. You don't have to do it alone.

My Promise:


I will meet you precisely where you are.

I will coach, teach, advise, and guide you.

I will respond to situations requiring immediate action or changes.

I will listen, ask many questions, carefully evaluate the issues, provide actionable recommendations, and help you prioritize, starting with addressing your child's needs in school while striving to maintain your job, family life, and yourself in the process.

I understand the struggles and opportunities to create a more manageable way forward for you and your family. Let's get started.

An experienced, highly-skilled, and insightful partner supporting your efforts can make all the difference. The analogy about placing the "oxygen mask" on you before helping anyone else most definitely applies. Your child is depending upon you to show them the way and your job may be part of how you'll get there. You will receive more support than you might expect in an initial 75-minute consultation. Things can and will begin to change for the better.

I will get you to where you need to be.

It begins with 15 minutes to see how I can help you - 

5-Hour Coaching Intensives

Special Education Intensive.

Two consulting sessions held in 10 days.

We'll focus on your child's Evaluation Report and understanding evaluation report data, the benefits of securing independent evaluations, your child's IEP and whether their goals are objective and measurable, their services and supports, and planning for your upcoming or next IEP meeting.

Working parents use words like dread and distress when attempting to collaborate with school in meetings or discussions.

No longer will you feel unheard or uncertain about your role in the process.

"The Road To Reality" Working Mother Intensive.

Two consulting sessions held in 10 days.

We'll focus on work, parenting, family, caregiving, mental health and wellness...those work/life areas where changes need a closer look.

We'll start to unravel the issues and use several tools including a problem-solving probe and caregiving assessment to create a roadmap that begins with today and moves into determining what changes can be made now and what changes require a bit of planning.

My Promise:


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I will meet you precisely where you are.


I will provide safety and support to discuss your often closely-held work/life realities.

I will listen, ask questions, explore options, and provide recommendations to help you unravel the threads.

I will partner with you as you work through different scenarios, evaluating possible needs and outcomes.


I will ensure that you feel heard, respected, and supported as we delve into the details of your work and life.

I will get you to where you need to be.

It begins with 15 minutes to see how I can help you - 

Monthly Support

Life happens quickly and individualized, ongoing, and responsive access to support may be needed and beneficial.

There are times when an issue or crisis emerge quickly in school, requiring you to act with urgency. Before doing so, we'll discuss the situation and specifics to determine your best strategy, timing, and response.

There are times when your remote or flexible work arrangement is being revisited by your employer or you're evaluating whether to remain with this company or pursue alternatives. We'll discuss the issues and details to address the situations focusing on your short and long-term goals.
Whether it's navigating school, the workplace, or it's a combination with other issues added to the mix, a monthly retainer to access support when needed will help to organize the pieces which often change quickly and determine how best to create a new and more workable picture.

Our work together will be based upon the ebb and flow of your life and needs, ensuring our time together is providing you with answers and reducing your concerns and uncertainty about next steps.

My Promise:

I will meet you precisely where you are.

I will listen, ask questions, offer recommendations, and help you evaluate your options and choices, whether related to your child or at work.

I will sha
re insights from my own experiences to shed light on solutions that may not have been considered thus far.

I will offer advise from a place of experience and knowledge to help you navigate the complexities of your life today and to help create new ways to move forward.


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I will get you to where you need to be.

It begins with 15 minutes to see how I can help you - 

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