Special Education Intensive

Special education is complex and so is your child.
If they're struggling in school, you're struggling too.
Work and family hours are being spent trying to navigate ongoing school issues.

Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated often accompanies the special education arena while your child's individual needs continue or intensify.

My Promise:

I will teach you what you need to know.

I will help make sense of the processes, procedures, players, acronyms, documents, steps, and conclusions.

I will show you how to advocate for the services and supports your child needs.


I will provide you with information, answers to your questions, strategies that work, and steps to increase your competence and confidence to help your child succeed in school.

This intensive provides a comprehensive deep dive and assessment of your child and their educational history and current path, developing strategies and a plan to help you move forward with less time and angst to achieve results.


I will get you to where you need to be.

It begins with a 30-minute call to see how I can help you - 

IEP Meeting Participation & Advocacy

Apprehension. Worry. Confusion. Dread.

A few of the words parents use to describe anticipating, attending, and departing these meetings.

You often leave with more questions than when you arrived, frequently feeling unheard, uncertain, and vulnerable as well.


You often face issues and decisions that require you to understand how to navigate the process, people, and parameters of these meetings while maintaining a firm understanding of your child's needs...and yours.

No longer.

My Promise:

Bird's Eye View Meeting Table

I will have a comprehensive understanding of your child and their needs.


I will support you as you negotiate the issues and navigate through these meetings.

I will speak and question with and for you to secure the information and answers you need.

I will collaborate with your IEP team as we review evaluation reports, the IEP document, placement discussions and beyond, challenging conclusions where and as needed.

IEP meeting participation will provide you with a knowledgeable, competent, and objective voice with extensive experience navigating the IEP process to change things significantly for you and your child.

I will get you to where you need to be.

*IEP meeting participation requires the Special Education Intensive.

*IEP meeting participation requires the Special Education Intensive.

It begins with a 30-minute call to see how I can help you - 

Coaching & Advocacy Support

Perhaps you're new to special education.


Perhaps your child has been receiving services and supports in school for some time.

The ebb and flow of chronic and crisis issues defines raising a neurodiverse child and navigating through school. You don't have to do it alone.


My Promise:


I will meet you wherever you are in the special education process.

I will teach, coach, advise and help you increase your advocacy competence.

I will help ensure that situations requiring immediate changes and/or intervention are addressed.

I will be your "go-to" person when questions or school issues arise, when you need to convene or reconvene IEP meetings, when new documents are presented to you, and when you're faced with issues related to your child's education today and beyond.

Monthly coaching & advocacy support will provide you with a partner to help navigate the issues and developments that come with neurodiverse children and their path through school.

I will get you to where you need to be.

It begins with a 30-minute call to see how I can help you -