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Work/Life & Caregiving

Working Parents

Neurodiverse Children

Where your life realities and roles as a working parent, an "exceptional caregiver," and an advocate for your neurodivergent child meet.

I will educate, advise, partner, coach, and support you along this journey, replacing today's confusion and chaos with competence and confidence so you can better navigate these three areas of your life. This is where solutions begin.

School Bus

Your Child

Diagnosed recently or in the past with an autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, learning differences, giftedness, and/or mental health issues.

Struggling often defines their daily school life...academically, socially, behaviorally, developmentally, or a combination of needs.

From IEP issues to school avoidance, behind every struggling child is a struggling parent, impacting all areas of life both at work and home.

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Challenges securing remote/hybrid work, workplace flexibility, or paid leave to address the chronic and crisis issues that frame daily life.

Access to resources, information, support, and solutions are essential to addressing your work and family needs as well as your own.

Frustration and turmoil frame many days at work and nights at home, placing enormous stress on your family life and your own well-being.

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What Now

Secure a trusted advisor with 25 years of coaching, advising, and advocacy expertise to cut through the morass and end the struggling.

Navigate your work/life and caregiving needs as a parent of a unique child so that progress at work, home, and school are possible.

Guiding you through the complexities, providing strategies and solutions, and reducing  the load...all will result in positive changes moving forward.

I will meet you where you are and get you where you need to be.


Why me.

I get it because I lived it, facing the work/life and parenting conflicts and challenges as a business leader and working parent.
I've lived life raising a neurodivergent child,  overwhelmed navigating my career, family, and the special education arena over many years. And I've been coaching, advising, and partnering with working parents nationwide along with the companies that employ you and other parents walking similar paths.

The options.

A 75-minute B.O.S.S. coaching session --
Bring On Some Solutions will start to unravel what's happening at work, school, or home.
Two, distinct 5-hour Intensive coaching packages, one focusing on your child's educational path and the other, "The Road To Reality," addressing your work/life issues. Both will provide you with immediate recommendations, tools, and strategies targeted to best meet your individual needs.


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