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Special Education Advising & Coaching Support For Parents Raising Neurodiverse Children



When your life revolves around the school-focused needs of your neurodivergent child, individualized support focused on bringing clarity to the crises & chaos to create a path forward will make all the difference.

Your ability to effectively navigate the special education arena is key to helping your child make measurable progress in school. This is where the road for you and your child moves from struggles to success.


School Bus

Your Child

Determined or yet to be diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, learning differences, giftedness, and/or mental health issues.

Struggling often defines their daily school life...academically, socially, behaviorally, developmentally, or a combination of needs.

From IEP issues to school avoidance, behind every struggling child is a struggling parent, impacting all areas of life both at home and work.

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Learning about your child, navigating school, juggling their complex needs with your family, career/job, and your own needs as well.

Access to resources, information, support, guidance, and answers are difficult to secure while addressing the complex day-to-day issues.

Your well-being and the enormous stressors that frame daily life are taking a toll on your family, your job, and your ability to handle it all.

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What Now

Secure a trusted education advocate, coach, and advisor with 25 years of  expertise to cut through the morass and stop the struggling.

Begin to address how you can navigate special education with less time and energy and with greater competence and confidence.

Address immediate school issues and begin to plan for what is next so that your child can begin to replace struggles with success.

When clarity replaces chaos, the struggles will begin to end.


Why me.

I've lived life as a working parent of a neurodivergent child. I've faced the continuous school issues along with the work/life challenges they created. Coaching, teaching, and providing support to parents nationwide to help increase your ability to effectively advocate for your unique child in school...few things are more important. School prepares our children for college, employment, and life. Keep the bar high.

The options.

An initial, 45-minute consultation will help begin to unravel what's happening with your child and school. Other individualized support includes a comprehensive review of your child's key educational documents followed by an extensive discussion of findings along with specific recommendations and action steps, and advising/coaching support available on an as-needed, intermittent, or ongoing basis.

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