White Waves
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Working parents.

Neurodiverse children.

Navigating school and special education from kindergarten to college graduation.

School Bus

Your Child

Neurodiverse, diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, learning differences, giftedness, and/or mental health issues.

Struggling defines their daily school reality whether academically, socially, behaviorally, developmentally, and/or functionally.

IEP issues. Lack of progress or regression. Services and supports needed. School avoidance. Placement concerns. New or emerging problems.

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Need answers to your questions, clear & concrete information, and guidance to address your child's complex and individual school issues and needs.

Workplace flexibility, paid leave, resources, support, and self-care are needed to raise your neurodiverse child or teen.


Frustration, confusion, and turmoil frame many days and nights, impacting your family, work, finances, mental well-being, and beyond.

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What Now

Secure a trusted partner with extensive advising, coaching, and advocacy expertise to cut through the morass and help develop your plan.

Navigate the special education arena with new insights and targeted strategies so your child begins to realize progress...and so do you.

Move from chaos to competence as you acquire critical knowledge to hone your skills as you help secure what your child needs in school.

I will get you to where you need to be.


Why me.

I've lived life raising a neurodiverse child.
I've been overwhelmed navigating the special education arena while watching my bright and capable child struggle daily in school.
I've faced the exceptional caregiving challenges as a working parent.
And I've been advising, educating, coaching, and partnering with working parents for 25 years including participating in hundreds of IEP meetings as well.

The options.

Your child's individual needs and your focus on helping them to realize success in school will determine the solutions that will best meet you where you are in the process.
A Special Education Intensive Program.
Monthly advising, coaching, and advocacy support. IEP meeting planning, participation, and follow-up. And, for employers, learning sessions targeting the issues and needs of working parents and caregivers.