Work. Life. Children. Working Mothers. Caregiving.


These are the top concerns & issues facing companies today.

Whether the "Great Resignation," "Great-Re-Evaluation," or "Great Escape," these issues are front and center.

Recruitment and retention are key business concerns. Even with increasing salaries and benefits, companies are struggling to understand the realities and find solutions to stem the tide of resignations and exit interviews.

For working mothers, a seismic shift has resulted in them recalibrating their priorities and lives. Their children and caregiving needs have come into sharper focus, resulting in decisions about their careers and jobs that are seeing millions leaving the workforce entirely.

Even though these work/life challenges have been present for years, the needs have intensified and the toll on employers and working mothers are unlike anything experienced before.

Professional working mothers are making it clear...flexible work options, caregiving supports, targeted benefits, and mental well-being services are their priorities. And where employers are either not listening or responding to these needs, they're speaking with their feet.

The number of women in the workforce is at its lowest level since 1988. Progress for working mothers has been lost. And the talent drain for employers is significant.

Let's address the realities and solutions.
Concrete Wall

Close to 3 million mothers with school-age children

left the workforce since

the start of the pandemic

in early 2020.

U.S. Census Bureau

Of the 35 million women who are working mothers, 9.8 million are experiencing workplace burnout defined as chronic stress. 


1 in 4 women in corporate positions are considering

downsizing their careers or leaving the

workforce entirely.


Employers and working mothers are facing similar challenges. The only difference is the lens through which their realities are viewed.


Why me.

For almost 30 years, my work as a consultant, strategist, advisor, speaker and subject-matter expert in work/life integration has focused on working mothers/caregivers, workplace flexibility, working parents benefits, parental leave, family-aligned culture and climate, and diversity and belonging through a work/life lens.

With a "long view" of these complex and fast-changing issues, providing insights, realities, and solutions to companies, senior leaders, HR, and working mothers has been my focus.

A concurrent specialty with 25 years of advocacy and education consulting for parents of neurodiverse children from K-college graduation focusing on autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, learning differences and mental health issues.

Human Resources Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC.

Founder/CEO, Education Navigation, nationally-recognized firm providing specialized employee benefits for working parents. Founder/CEO, Work Family Management, Ltd., a work/life consulting firm and Professional Mothers, the first-to-market flexible job matching service.

Business Philadelphia "100 People To Watch."

WorldatWork Work/Life Progress award recipient.

Speaker - HR conferences, corporations, parent gatherings.

I understand both sides of this equation. The challenges facing employers and the choices facing working mothers.

The issues have never been more complex and intertwined.


Making the puzzle pieces fit requires an independent, trusted advisor asking the questions, listening to all stakeholders, and developing strategies and solutions to adjust and adapt to fast-changing workforce and workplace needs and expectations.

I can help you. Change starts with a 20-minute conversation.





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