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From Chaos To Clarity© 


Neurodiverse children. can take control of navigating special education and help your struggling child in school.

Autism spectrum disorders. ADHD.

Learning differences. Mental health.


If this describes your child or teen,

this comprehensive & individualized program & other support is for you.

From their earliest years through college, their lives revolve around school.

Your life revolves around them.

Increasing your knowledge, skills, and advocacy is where things will change.

For you and your child.

Your tenacity, competence & confidence will lead the way. know your child best.

Life will change. For your child. For you. For your family. It starts now.

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 This initial consultation is for you to introduce your child, share what's been happening in school & at home, and importantly, discuss your concerns.

Behind every struggling child is a struggling parent or parents. This is an opportunity for you to begin to share the issues and ongoing realities.

Recently diagnosed. Crisis situations. Ongoing issues. Needs not being addressed or supported at school.

We'll start with where things are today.

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Your child's educational documents tell their story in school, the environment where supporting their individual needs is essential.

School evaluation reports. Private evaluations. IEPs. 504s. Behavior plans. Transition plans. Progress reports. Every document matters.

Your understanding of these documents is essential and key to addressing their needs and increasing your vital advocacy skills.

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This  masterclass is different.

It's geared for both parents/partners. And it's highly individualized based upon your child's educational profile.

While one parent often takes the advocacy lead in school interactions, two need to have shared knowledge to effectively navigate this arena.

Information, education, strategies, data, school meetings...all based upon your child's specific needs. These will be some key areas of focus.

Navigating special education isn't easy.
Learning how will change things for you and your child.



Why me.

Why now.

I know you because I've been you.
A working parent raising a neurodivergent child diagnosed at a young age where ongoing school struggles and crises defined life.
For both of us.
For 25 years, I've been advising, coaching, and supporting parents to effectively navigate the complex special education arena and advocate for their children's needs in school. It's about knowledge, skills, and strategies.
School prepares your children for college, employment, and life.
Keep the bar high.

If your child has been and continues to struggle in school, the first step is understanding why. A comprehensive evaluation sooner vs. later will determine if a diagnosis exists. From there the issue becomes eligibility for special education services and supports in school and if already established, "front-loading" robust interventions leads to better outcomes.
The same applies to ensuring you have the information, knowledge, and confidence needed to use your advocacy skills as your child's needs continue to change and unfold.
You hold the key to what's next.


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