A brief personal note...

Parenting as a working mother isn’t for the faint of heart nor does it come without sacrifices.


It requires herculean effort to manage the demands and conflicts. You rise when things run smoothly and fall hard when they're not.

For me, the juggling took a toll, changing only when I made the difficult choice facing so many working mothers today...career or motherhood. It's a decision no working mother should have to make.

After forging ahead on a path where flexibility, control, and the ability to adapt to changing needs were the norm, life improved in immeasurable ways. Perfect? No. Better. Absolutely.

The imbalance between the world of work and parenting has been present for years. What the pandemic did was bring these realities into sharp focus, resulting in the exodus of professional mothers from the workplace with many more in the resignation pipeline.

Employers want and need solutions that address their business realities. Working mothers do as well, many of whom are exercising their options to more seamlessly address and integrate their work and family realities.

The path may be unclear, yet by addressing the needs of working mothers and the companies that employ them, everyone wins.

Bringing clarity to the confusion. That's where I enter the picture.