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Initial Consultation Session

This initial 75-minute consultation provides an opportunity for you to share the issues happening with your child or teen at school -- your immediate concerns, urgent issues, and/or longer-term factors.

Situations may develop after your child has been diagnosed or a new evaluation report has been presented to you. Services and supports in their IEP may not be targeting or meeting their individual needs. Perhaps there has been regression or new issues have emerged. Whatever the situation, we'll delve into some of the specifics and immediate, actionable recommendations will be provided to you.

Because issues related to your child's special needs in school often arise quickly, they impact your job, family, and yourself as well. You may be struggling to secure aftercare, private therapies, or summer programs. You may be trying to figure out how to propose a hybrid or flexible work arrangement or whether you can take intermittent leave when needed. Taking a close look at the issues at hand and helping you determine your strategies and next steps is the session goal.

Special Education Comprehensive

This comprehensive begins with a review of your child's most recent Evaluation Report (school-district conducted), current IEP and prior if there are substantive changes, review of any independent evaluations conducted within the past 2 years, IEP progress reports, clinician reports, and any other relevant documentation.

After this document review, a two-hour consultation will be scheduled where we will discuss my findings and recommendations including an interpretation of report data, appropriateness of IEP goals, alignment of services and supports, placement discussions, transition planning, and other issues that emerge from this review.

TAKEAWAY: You will have detailed information, strategies, tactics, new learning, and steps to help you make decisions about how to move forward to support your child in school. Your advocacy efforts will improve and your time spent will decrease as you will have clarity leading to increased competence and confidence as you move forward. Additionally, a written recap of findings and recommendations from this comprehensive review and consultation will be provided to you.

IEP Meeting participation is an optional service (additional fee) requiring the Special Education Comprehensive.

Monthly Coaching

Monthly coaching and advocacy support is available to help you address and navigate the complexities of your child's individual needs and the special education arena. Coaching may be provided to you on an as-needed, ongoing, or intermittent basis.

Coaching support is a highly individualized partnership where our time together may focus on ongoing issues not being addressed or resolved in school, when new situations emerge, if a school crisis develops, to help you plan for IEP meetings or transition discussions, or if your work/life issues are being impacted by your child's complex needs.

Monthly coaching provides you with dedicated support and continuity during the often ongoing years of special education involvement.

Urgent/crisis situations will be addressed within 2-4 hours of your outreach regardless of the frequency of monthly coaching support.


Details & Fees

Initial 75-minute telephone or Zoom consultation

Day, evening, or weekend scheduling
May include your spouse, partner, or family member

Special Education Comprehensive

Review of all relevant educational documents and evaluations
Two-hour post-document review consultation

Day, evening, or weekend scheduling
Participation with your spouse, partner, or family member welcome
The "Domains of Deficit" and an IEP agenda tool are provided for IEP meeting planning
Expedited scheduling option (additional cost) in a crisis or if an urgent school meeting em

IEP Meeting participation optional - fee requires additional discussion

Monthly Coaching 

Bi-weekly, 60-minute Zoom or telephone sessions
E-mail check-ins and access between sessions or as needed
Emergency/urgent support within 2-4 hours

Day, evening, or weekend scheduling






                                           $1,295. /month

Two+ months consecutive coaching 




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It's said that parents are only as happy as their unhappiest child.

Nothing upends life more and causes more sleepless nights and overwhelming distress than knowing your child is struggling. 
Let's change this starting now.

Image by Thomas Park

"I don't remember who said this, but there really are places in the heart you don't even know exist until you love a child." Anne Lamott

A few thoughts to share...

Parenting & Neurodiversity. There's a reason your journey is considered "exceptional caregiving." It's far more challenging and all-encompassing, requiring more knowledge, resources, flexibility, support...more of you. It's why your ability to learn what you need to know and how to navigate school to ensure your child is prepared for life is so important.

Working Parents. Constant juggling defines your daily realities. Childcare. Preschool. School. Teens. Social media. Friends. Bullying. High school. Mental health. College. Employment. Independent living. The parenting journey is for years and while there are often many struggles, it's the steps forward and successes that help carry you through the many challenging days, weeks, months, and often years along the path.

The parenting ride is one where you strap in and prepare for the incredible ups and downs that come with having the best initials after your name...M.O.M. and D.A.D. Your child is depending upon you to show them the way. I'm here to help you navigate the road ahead.



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