Special Education Intensive 

This Special Education Intensive is a comprehensive "deep dive" into your child and their education -- your input and perspectives, evaluation reports, independent evaluations,  IEPs/504s...everything that describes and frames who they are and their educational profile.


My Promise:

I will help you decipher and understand your child from a new perspective, boosting your competence and confidence as an equal member of your child's educational team.

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Initial 2-hour intake/pre-file review consultation to learn about your child and discuss your needs & concerns


Comprehensive educational document file review - school district Evaluation Report, current and most recent IEP, independent evaluations, progress reports


2-hour post-file review consultation to discuss findings, data, and provide recommendations

Written review of post file review consultation including findings, recommendations, a short-term action plan, and next steps


Special Education Coaching/Advocacy

Coaching & advocacy support addresses the chronic and crisis issues that define your child and special education. The process and your child are complex, yet with targeted information and guidance, everything can and will improve.

My Promise:

I will partner with and guide you to address your concerns and the issues of today while helping you prepare for tomorrow.

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2x/month, 1-hour telephone or Zoom consultations

Unlimited e-mail access and support for updates or situations requiring your attention

Review of draft documents and/or assistance with development of school district communication

Crisis support and assistance including collaboration with school, independent clinicians, or legal counsel

2-hour consultation planning session for IEP meeting/s

Other support as needed

$1,495/month (2 months or longer)

IEP Meeting Participation

Having an experienced, collaborative, and objective partner with you who knows as much - if not more - about your child than your school district does can and will change the dynamics significantly. Your needs, concerns, and expectations will be heard.

My Promise:

I will ensure that your voice is heard and that you leave these meetings with information, answers, and progress made. No longer will you face these challenging meetings alone.


2-hour pre-IEP meeting planning consultation

2-hour (average) IEP meeting participation, collaboration, and support

2-hour post-IEP meeting consultation

Written IEP meeting recap - agreements made, unresolved issues, follow-up IEP meeting needs, next steps

1-hour consultation prior to signing the Notice of Recommended Education Placement (NOREP)


*Participation in IEP meetings requires completion of the Special Education Intensive

I will get you to where you need to be.