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Coaching meets you precisely where you are today. Your child's  current educational needs, issues, and concerns are the key focus along with the impact on you and your family. By focusing on the immediate issues, we'll be able to create both short and longer-term action steps to move ahead. From chronic and crisis issues that frame what's happening right now to anticipated needs beyond today, our work together will change the path for your child in school and for you and your family as well.

My Promise:

I will listen, question, and address the current realities first to determine the immediate steps needed to help your child in school. Their ability to succeed during the school day directly impacts your mental wellness and ability to navigate life at home and beyond.

Supporting you is how we begin to change your child's current struggles into measurable and sustained progress. We'll evaluate what's working, what's not, and where changes are needed.
Things will begin to improve when we carefully delve into the many details framing life today. Preparing for a better tomorrow starts now.

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. 3 hours/month of telephone consultations
. E-mail access day, nights, weekends & emergencies
Guidance & strategies on school year issues, concerns & needs
. Progress monitoring including discussion of evaluations conducted and needed

. Assistance with the development of school district outreach and communication
. Collaboration with independent clinicians, services providers, and others team members
. Resources/referrals to assist with private services, placement, or transition planning for your child
. 2-hour IEP/school meeting planning session including development of your agenda & action items
. Work/life guidance on workplace flexibility, benefits, or disclosure of your caregiving needs if indicated. 


Initial 75-minute telephone consultation to discuss your child and pressing issues and concerns. $195.

Monthly coaching - single, consecutive, or as-needed months of support. $1,295.


IEP Meeting Participation

Having an experienced, objective, and collaborative partner with you who knows as much, if not more, about your child than your school district does will change the dynamics and results significantly. And are an equal participant in terms of making decisions about your child and their educational plan and path.

My Promise:

I will ensure that your voice and concerns are heard and that your expectations for your child to make measurable progress in school are clear. No longer will you face these challenging meetings alone or leave feeling more confused and overwhelmed than when you arrived.


. 2-hour pre-IEP meeting planning consultation including IEP agenda development and child overview 

. 2-hour (average) IEP meeting participation, collaboration, and support

. 2-hour post-IEP meeting consultation

. Written IEP meeting recap - agreements made, unresolved issues, follow-up IEP meeting needs, next steps

. 1-hour consultation prior to signing the Notice of Recommended Education Placement (NOREP)


*Note. IEP meeting participation requires completion of the Special Education Comprehensive. On-site
articipation is scheduling and location-dependent. Travel costs may be additional.

Special Education Comprehensive

The Special Education Comprehensive is a "deep dive" into your child's education documents and journey. School district and independent evaluation reports. IEPs. 504s. Progress reports. Report cards...all documentation that describes and frames who they are and their educational profile.


My Promise:

I will help you decipher and understand your child from a new perspective, correlating evaluation data to programming, providing context to narratives, and enabling you to more effectively advocate for your child's needs in school immediately and beyond.

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Initial 1-hour, pre-file review consultation to learn more about your child and discuss issues and concerns


Comprehensive educational document file review and history - current and/or most recent school district Evaluation Report/s, most recent (within the past 2-3 years) independent evaluation reports, current or most recent IEP, report cards, and progress reports from school, independent clinicians, and/or service providers

2-hour post-file review telephone consultation to discuss findings, data, and provide recommendations

Written report of post-file review consultation including areas requiring additional discussion or attention, recommendations, a short-term action plan, and next steps

Please contact for details.

I will get you to where you need to be.

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