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Employer Learning Sessions


Work/life integration. Employee retention. Workplace flexibility. Remote & hybrid work options. Supporting working parents and caregivers. Addressing the needs of working mothers. All critical issues and mandates in today's fast-changing business climate.
These 60-minute learning sessions followed by a 30-minute Q&A are geared for leaders, managers, and employees to increase awareness and understanding of these key workplace issues, create a more responsive and resilient culture, and build workplace environments geared toward addressing diverse and complex employee needs.

Several Session Themes & Topics

◆ The Work/Life Realities of Exceptional Caregivers in the Workplace

◆ From Autism to Alzheimers: The Caregiving Continuum ℠

◆ Retaining
Working Mothers - Childcare & Beyond

◆ The Education Equation: Working Parents & Neurodiverse Children

◆  How Benefits Need To Span The Parenting Continuum

Working Mother WorkBeyond Summit - Group.jpg

$4,000/learning session 

I will get you to where you need to be.

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